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Getting Started With Solana

Mailchain users can use their Solana wallet address or Solana domain to send and receive messages. It’s simple to get started…

composing a message from a Solana address


Solana is a blockchain built for mass adoption. It's a high performance network that is utilized for a range of use cases, including finance, NFTs, payments, and gaming. Solana operates as a single global state machine, and is open, interoperable and decentralized. - Source: Solana Documentation

Solana Name Service (SNS) has a simple mission of providing a decentralized and affordable way to map domain names (represented as .sol) to on-chain data. Where on-chain data can be anything from a Solana (SOL) address to IPFS CID, images, text, and more. - Source: Solana Name Service

How To Add Your Solana Address or .sol Domain To Mailchain


  • You have a Mailchain account (see here)
  • (Optional) You have a Solana SNS domain name in your wallet (see here)

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Follow these steps to connect and register an existing blockchain wallet address:

  1. Once you have signed into Mailchain, head to your Inbox (

  2. Click 'Register your wallet'

    register a wallet
  3. Select Solana

    select solana
  4. Click 'Connect'

    connect your wallet
  5. Choose a wallet provider which supports the wallet address you are registering (this example uses Phantom Wallet)

    select your wallet provider
  6. Connect your wallet to Mailchain (this step may differ if you use a different wallet)

    connect you wallet

Your wallet is now connected.

Step 2: Verify your address

  1. You can now register your wallet address with Mailchain. To do this, click 'Verify Address'

    advanced option

    By default, Mailchain is able to receive messages for your existing blockchain wallet address before you sign up. If you do not wish to retrieve these messages, un-check the option to 'Retrieve messages sent to my address prior to registering'.

    verify address
  2. A 'Signature Request' will appear in your wallet. It contains the following text:

    Welcome to Mailchain!

    Please sign to start using this address with Mailchain. This will not trigger a blockchain transaction or cost any gas fees.

    What's happening?
    A messaging key will be registered with this address and used only for messaging. It will replace any existing registered messaging keys.

    Technical Details:
    Address: `your_address`
    Messaging key: `a_generated_messaging_key`
    Nonce: `a_number`

    Review the request

  3. Next, click 'Sign'

    review signature, then sign message

Your wallet is now verified.

Step 3: Adding your .sol (Solana Domain) name

  1. The next step checks for any supported Web3 domain names that resolve to your wallet address, including Solana Name Service (.sol) domains.

    checking for name services

    The example found a .sol name that resolves to the wallet address.

    Manual search for a web3 domain

    If your name is not automatically found, you can manually search for it.


    If your name still cannot be resolved, please see Solana FAQs for troubleshooting tips.

  2. Click 'Apply' to save your changes.

    apply customization

Step 4: Disconnect your wallet

  1. Click 'Disconnect' to disconnect your wallet from Mailchain.

    click disconnect button

    You have successfully registered your wallet address with a set of messaging keys that belong to your Mailchain account. You no longer need to have wallet connected to send and receive messages.

  2. You now have the option to 'Go To Inbox' or to 'Register Another Address'.

    choose Go To Inbox or Register Another Address

    You will see your new sub-inbox in the left sidebar.

    sub-inbox image

How To Send A Message Using Your .sol Name

With Mailchain you can send Mailchain message from your .sol name to other Mailchain users.


  • You have a Mailchain account (see here)
  • (Optional) You have a Solana SNS domain name in your wallet (see here)
  • You have added your Solana wallet address to Mailchain (see above)

Compose And Send A Message From Your Solana Address or .sol Name

  1. Log into your Mailchain account.

  2. Click 'Compose' in the sidebar.

  3. In the New Message window, click the “From” dropdown menu and select your Solana address or .solana name.

  4. Fill out the rest of the message, then click Send

  5. Your message should be successfully sent.

Done! Your recipient will receive your message from your .sol name.