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How To Create A Mailchain Account

  1. To create a Mailchain account, head to

  2. Fill in a username


    Mailchain reserved some brand names and names under 5 characters long. For more information, see reserved names below.

  3. Choose a very strong password or passphrase.


    You cannot reset your Mailchain password and if you lose it, you will need to restore your Mailchain identity using your Secret Recovery Phrase.

    Please add your username and password to a password manager or write it down and store it somewhere safe. See Understanding Mailchain Authentication for more information.

  4. Take a moment to expand the 'Show advanced options' section and store your Secret Recovery Phrase.


    Please add your Secret Recovery Phrase to a password manager or write it down and store it somewhere safe. Losing this could mean you lose access to your Mailchain identity forever, so please store it somewhere safe.

  5. Check the checkbox, assuming you have stored your password safely.

  6. Review the terms of service and privacy policy to ensure you are comfortable with what we offer, and how we do it.

  7. Pass the hCaptcha check to prove you are human.

  8. Click 'Continue'.

  9. Next, you will be asked if you would like to download your Secret Recovery Phrase. If you did not follow previous warnings to write down and store the phrase, please ensure you select 'Download' and store the file securely so that others do not have access to it. Otherwise you can skip this step.

You now have access to your Mailchain inbox and can either register an existing blockchain wallet or send a message.

Reserved Names

Mailchain reserved some usernames for known web3 projects and names under 5 characters. Please see Reserved Usernames for more information.