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Schedule & Join Web3 Video Calling Huddle01

Huddle01 & Mailchain integration with a new web3 email being composed

Huddle01 is a decentralized video conferencing platform designed for the Web3 ecosystem. It provides secure, peer-to-peer communication channels, ensuring privacy and data integrity. The platform is built for decentralized communities, offering features like token-gated meetings and wallet-based identity verification, making it an ideal solution for secure, blockchain-enabled video interactions.

The Huddle01 integration with Mailchain allows users to initiate, schedule, and join video calls using their blockchain addresses, enhancing the Web3 communication experience with a robust, privacy-focused video conferencing feature, all within the familiar Mailchain interface.

Schedule a Web3 Video Call

  1. To schedule a video call and invite participants, navigate to the Mailchain Inbox and select the Compose button. This will open the new message modal.

    compose button
  2. In the new message modal, enter your recipient addresses in the To field, then fill out the subject and message body.

    empty message
  3. Next, select the Huddle01 logo button. This will open the Huddle01 scheduling modal.

    huddle01 logo button
  4. The following options are available:

    schedule meeting modal
    1. Meeting Title - The default title is your message's subject. To change it, turn off Same meeting title as message subject and type a new title in Meeting title.

      toggle meeting title
    2. Meeting Date & Time - Meetings are automatically set for the current date and time, beginning at the next quarter-hour mark. Update each field to schedule your meeting for a different date and time, or change the duration of the meeting.

      select date and time
  5. Once you have entered your meeting details, select the Add invite to message button.

    add invite to message
  6. Review your message and meeting details. You will see the meeting details in the message body.

    review message
  7. Select the Send button to send your message and schedule your meeting.

Managing Web3 Video Conference Invitations

View Meeting Details

When you receive a video call invitation, you will see the meeting details in the message body.

received message

Join a Meeting

To join the meeting, select the Join via Huddle01 button. This will open the Huddle01 video conferencing platform in a new browser tab.

join via huddle01

Add to Calendar

You can add the meeting to your calendar. Select the Add to Calendar button. You can then download the meeting details to add to your calendar.

add to calendar

When the time comes, you can join the meeting by clicking the link in the calendar event. This will open the Huddle01 video conferencing platform in a new browser tab. You can also join the meeting directly from the Mailchain Inbox by selecting the Join via Huddle01 button.

join from calendar