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How To Send Mailchain Messages

  1. Log into your Mailchain account. (Follow this guide to create an account)

  2. Click 'Compose' in the sidebar, and fill out the following fields:

    1. To is the intended recipient in any of the following formats:

      Identity TypeAddress FormatExample

      See address formatting for more information about address usage in Mailchain.

      Optimistic Sending

      If you send a message to a valid, supported web3 identity (ENS name, Ethereum or .near account, etc.) that has not yet signed up, the message will be retained for up to 90 days. It will be delivered to owner when they register the address with Mailchain.

    2. From is the address you are sending from. It will be your Mailchain address or any registered address.

    3. Fill out the Subject and the message body, then click Send.

When your message is sent, a confirmation box will pop up. You can view it in the "Sent" folder.

Now you can read a message.