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Mailchain reserved some usernames for:

  • Known web3 projects
  • Names under 5 characters

Usernames in Mailchain are non-transferrable. Once a username has been taken, it cannot be reused.

DO NOT buy or accept a username from anyone. Once you create a Secret Recovery Phrase for an account, it cannot be changed. The original owner will always know the Secret Recovery Phrase associated with that Mailchain identity and can access its account data.

How can I tell if a username is reserved?

  1. Go to

  2. Type the username into the 'Username' field

  3. If the username is reserved, the field will turn red and display the text:

    This username is reserved, contact [email protected] if you want to claim it.

  4. Alternatively, if the username is taken, the text will read:

    This username is taken. Try another.

    Or, if the username is unavailable for security reasons (e.g. [email protected]) the text will read:

    This username is unavailable. Try another.

How can I request a reserved username?

If you would like to claim a reserved username, please raise a support request with details of the names you would like to register. If you represent a web3 project please provide details or justification.