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Getting Started with NEAR

Send and receive web3 email with your .near account ID. It’s simple to get started…


The NEAR protocol serves as a secure, scalable foundation for a new kind of decentralized application (dApps). It is also built to be especially easy for developers to use (e.g. by coding in JavaScript). Hundreds of projects are already building exciting dApps on NEAR. It is designed to be simple, with a flexible account model and human readable accounts — any name a user wants instead of a string of letters and numbers.

Near is building up the Blockchain Operating System Web3 stack to integrate experiences from across the open web and streamline the discovery and onboarding experience for users and developers alike. -- source

How To Use Your Near Account ID With Mailchain


Step 1: Connect your wallet

Follow these steps to connect and register an existing blockchain wallet address:

  1. Once you have signed into Mailchain, head to your Inbox (

  2. Click 'Register your wallet'

    register a wallet
  3. Select NEAR wallets

    select tezos
  4. Click 'Connect'

    connect your wallet
  5. Choose a wallet provider which supports the wallet address you are registering (this example uses MyNearWallet)

    select your wallet provider
  6. On the Connect With NEAR, click 'Next' to confirm NEAR account you wish to register with Mailchain

    connect with NEAR screen
  7. Click 'Connect' to allow Mailchain to read your address

    click connect button

Your wallet is now connected.

Step 2: Verify your address

  1. You can now register your NEAR account with Mailchain. To do this, click 'Verify Address'

    advanced option

    By default, Mailchain is able to receive messages for your existing blockchain wallet address before you sign up. If you do not wish to retrieve these messages, un-check the option to 'Retrieve messages sent to my address prior to registering'.

    verify address
  2. A transaction request will appear in your wallet. Click 'More Information' to verify the contract information and transaction details.

    Verify the following Contract Details:

    For Contract: messaging-keys.mailchain.near
    Function: set_messaging_key

    Review the fees and the request then click '←' to go back to the transaction approval.

  3. After reviewing the transaction, you can 'Approve' it.

    transaction approval

Your wallet is now verified.

Step 3: Disconnect your wallet

You have successfully registered your wallet address with a set of messaging keys that belong to your Mailchain account. You no longer need to have wallet connected to send and receive messages, so Mailchain disconnects it.

  1. You now have the option to 'Go To Inbox' or to 'Register Another Address'.

    choose Go To Inbox or Register Another Address

    You will see your new sub-inbox in the left sidebar.

    sub-inbox image

How To Send A Message Using Your Near Account

With Mailchain you can send Mailchain message from your .near account to other Mailchain users, including ENS, Unstoppable Domains, Freename,, Coinbase IDs, and Ethereum addresses.


Compose and send a message from your .near account

  1. Log into your Mailchain account.

  2. Click 'Compose' in the sidebar:

  3. In the New Message window, click the “From” dropdown menu and select your .near account ID:

  4. Fill out the rest of the message, then click Send:

  5. Your message should be successfully sent:

Done! Your recipient will receive your message from your .near account ID.