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Sending mails

Using Mailchain you can send a mail to any blockchain address. Only the owner of the address will be able to receive and read the mail.

Send your first mail

First install the packages needed.

npm install @mailchain/sdk

The code below sends a mail.

import { Mailchain } from '@mailchain/sdk';

const secretRecoveryPhrase = process.env.SECRET_RECOVERY_PHRASE!; // 25 word mnemonicPhrase

const mailchain = Mailchain.fromSecretRecoveryPhrase(secretRecoveryPhrase);

const { data, error } = await mailchain.sendMail({
from: `[email protected]`, // sender address
to: [``], // list of recipients (blockchain or mailchain addresses)
subject: 'My first message', // subject line
content: {
text: 'Hello Mailchain 👋', // plain text body
html: '<p>Hello Mailchain 👋</p>', // html body
if (error) {
// handle error
console.warn('Mailchain error', error);
// handle success send mail result

You can send a message to your username@mailchain, or if you've registered an ethereum address you can send a message to it (e.g. [email protected]). You can also try sending a message to, that's a valid, unmonitored address at Mailchain, we own the private key for it.

After the message is successfully sent you will be able to see it in your sent folder and the recipient will see it in their inbox.


The Mailchain app checks for messages and updates the inbox in the background. You can force a refresh by clicking on the refresh icon above the list of messages.